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Ilya Dinov

Ilya Dinov

Transpersonal Counselor / Spiritual Life Coach / Reiki Master / Shamanic Bodywork Healer

All my life I have been searching for a way to reach my full potential and  help others realize a Loving Destiny. After exploring the ancient healing art of Reiki using the Usui method, and participating in retreats and sweat lodges by Shamans such as William Twofeather I have been lead on a journey that has brought about unbelievable results to me and my world.​

I work as a coach and healer to bring your life back to wholeness. As a facilitator of personal change I use all of my life experience, and my healing abilities and compassion to understand one’s journey and lead them to their Loving Destiny. If you are feeling disconnected from the universe you are likely experiencing blocked consciousness; You are not connected to all of who you are and the life you were born to live.

My services are all about reconnecting you to your full potential - your best loving, and fulfilled version. 

Shamanic Bodywork Balancing

Using the wisdom of your own body I balance it using the chakra and meridian system. I bring it to wholeness so that you will feel clearer and more energized. Also I facilitate rituals from a Hero's Journey perspective, to reprogram your unwanted patterns in your life.

Transpersonal Counselling

Using all my senses and clairsentient abilities I ensure that you are listened to and understood. This is most important for a successful healing. I utilize counselling techniques that ensure you get what you need from the session. No subject is off limit, especially dreams, unexplained experiences and your goals & aspirations. Art therapy is also used such as drawing and dance in order to help you express and understand your issue, to finding its solutions for yourself.

Spiritual Life Coaching

I help you get back on track to your spiritual goals. I help you see all of your hardships to date from a spiritual point of view. I help you monitor your progress subjectively as well as objectively; in other words changing the way you feel about your issue inside is just as important as actual results that you would like to see externally.

Usui Reiki

The ancient healing art of Reiki is a well known healing technique today. Reiki works on the body, mind and soul. Research has found that it reduces stress, depression and anxiety. And because the body is a fountain of wisdom about your own spiritual journey, Reiki sometimes delivers me insights about your issues, allowing a deeper healing overall.

More about Body Work

Using Chakra Clearing, Entity Removal, Soul Retrieval, Meridian Massages, stimulating pressure points and Intuitive Healing using your guides, I assist you to restore your wellbeing. We can change the effects of some of your most devastating past traumas and turn them around into power and protection.

Ilya is available by appointment only. 


  • 2 hour sessions $160
  • 1 hour  session $110

Contact Sacred Mist for Bookings on (03) 9500 8220 or info@sacredmist.com.au