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Lyndy Jewell

Lyndy Jewell

Psychic Reader

Lyndy, a very down to Earth Psychic and Healer from the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, has a sincere passion for helping others and a strong connection to her Psychic talents. 

Offering insight and compassion (and often a few laughs!) Lyndy enjoys helping her clients find the “key” to unlocking anything holding them back from living the most positive version of their life. 

By connecting to the unique ‘Energy’ of each client Lyndy is able to offer clarity around current feelings, look back to find the best solution to releasing those feelings, and see ahead to outcomes that will allow breathing space and a sense of Balance.

Incorporating Crystals, Aromatherapy and Psychic Mediumship she can help you be aware and let go of whatever is holding you back. 


Lyndy is available: on Mondays 


  • Readings 1 Hour $100
  • Readings .45min - $80
  • Readings 1/2 Hour $60

Available for phone readings


Contact Sacred Mist for Bookings on (03) 9500 8220 or info@sacredmist.com.au