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Sacred Space Clearing Workshop with Tamara Paterson
08 March 2018 till 08 March 2018
Time: 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
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Sacred Space Clearing Workshop with Tamara Paterson

Join us for a 2 hour mini workshop on space clearing. 

Join us on the 8th March 2018, for a 2 hour mini workshop on sacred space clearing. 

We will teach how the spaces in which you spend the most amount of time in should be considered peaceful, sacred and self-honouring. 

Clearing out any negative, still or stagnant energy from your living or working space will transform it's 'vibe' and how you feel withing it. When you experience the benefits to your own personal vibrant self and sense of wellbeing, you’ll have a fresh take on the importance of regular space clearing your environment.

We will teach the basics to give a room a simple space clearing ritual.

We use any of the following tools in the 4 elements of space clearing: water, fire (candlelight), earth (salt, crystals, flowers or plants), air (incense, bells, drums). Spraying the water, or burning incense (fanning the smoke to all corners of the room), deliberate placement of crystals, followed by clapping, bell-ringing or drumming in areas of the room, all help in shifting the energy of a space.

Join us to find out more and how we can teach you about sacred space clearing techniques.

When:  Thursday, 8 March

Time: 7.00pm til 9.00pm

Investment:  $45

Bookings Essential: Eventbrite

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